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IQ SaaS, Industrial Quantitas, is our specific SW platform for digitizing of industrial data, which allows monitoring, analysis and operation of industrial processes and / or facilities. It is applicable to any industry, in order to facilitate decision-making concerning the management, improvement and optimization of industrial processes / facilities / products.

With it, our customers can address their objectives such as, among others:

  • Analysis of operating costs per unit of production
  • Active management of demand
  • Optimization O&M tasks
  • Machine management software
  • Product Enhancements


  • Web technology
  • Independent platform
  • Based on free-SW
  • No licence or owner HW
  • Custom development


  • Cost reduction and product improvement
  • Pay per use
  • Scalability
  • Security of information
  • Access from any device (mobile APP, tablet, PC)

Module of generation, extraction and data storage

  • Implementation, development, connection and access on the main PLC`s, SCADA, OPC servers and ERP / MES platforms on the market
  • Development of drivers and equipment for interconnection with special industrial equipment

Module of monitoring and supervision

  • Display of data collected on plant in real-time for the control of production lines and machines that compose them
  • Analysis of stored historical data for analysis and use in support of decision making and continuous improvement of production processes

Module of performance management

  • Calculation of OEE at plant level, production unit and machine.
  • Calculation of the main KPIs.

Module of stoppages and incidents

  • Definition and configuration of various types of stops, events and alarms associated with the actual production plant.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of alarms for the management of shutdowns.

Module of planning

  • Reception of planning from management systems and visualization of planned planning for the various production lines
  • Updating and monitoring the state of planning in real time

“IQ SaaS (Software for active energy management and process management in industries)” is a project approved (TSI-100501-2014-9) within program “Acción Estratégica de Economía y Sociedad Digital. Año 2014” of Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society, financed by: