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QuanTIC SaaS

QuanTIC SaaS

In order to promote the development of ICT solutions for energy efficiency in industry, Quantitas has developed Quantic SaaS - Software for energy management of any building and installation.

Makes available to the user complete, centralized and real-time information about energy consumption of an installation and / or process, organized by sectors, from a device connected to the internet through a single low cost tool.

This environment is completed by tools for visualization, analytics and generation of models and reports that allow extracting the value of data, essential for detecting opportunities and evaluating implemented saving measures, as well as the definition of operation and maintenance strategies oriented to optimize energy consumption.


  • Web technology
  • Independent platform
  • Based on free-SW
  • No licence or owner HW
  • Custom development


  • Cost reduction
  • Pay per use
  • Scalability
  • Security of information
  • Access from any device

  • Data Acquisition. Integrates heterogeneous data (electricity, heat, gas, water, etc.). Compatible with existing measuring equipment, data loggers, BMS and SCADA.
  • Control of consumption and costs in real time
  • Calculation load profile
  • Calculation KPIs
  • Generation of automatic reports
  • Generation and management of alerts and / or alarms
  • Management and optimization invoices

QuanTIC SaaS