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Quantitas is a group of 3 technology-based companies, formed by a team of engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians, that develops software applications, performs tests as Testing Laboratory, and provides technical services for different sectors: industry and energy mainly.

  • Quantitas Energy is focused on optimization and improvement of processes / facilities / industrial products, by digitizing of industrial data on our software platform. Also it performs measurements and electrical tests through a testing laboratory, and specialized services in energy management and electrical engineering.
  • Quantitas Software develops analytical data systems (extraction, storage, analysis and exploitation of data) in different sectors, with advanced technology: Cloud Computing, CPS cyber-physical systems, mathematical analysis, etc. and through efficient and customized solutions. Develops a constant R & D in European and national projects.
  • Quantitas Clean-Tech provides specialized services for the development of clean technology projects through two testing laboratories for Energy, exploits the SW QuanDATA SaaS for analysis and reporting of meteorological measures and also offers consultancy on renewable energy, with a senior team with more than 15 years of relevant international experience in wind, solar and biomass.

Our principles:

  • Develop innovative solutions using ICT technologies and services that strengthen the industrial, energy and other sectors by creating more powerful and interactive tools to facilitate the organization of processes, production management and optimization of processes and products.
  • Clear market orientation as technology-based company. Clear approach to market of innovative solutions developed in R & D projects, with customers and partners, which in each case, allow the proper development and exploitation of development.
  • Reduce energy demand with infrastructure more efficient, integrated and decentralized through distributed generation and smart grids, through its design, construction and management.
  • International Technology Transfer in innovative projects in the energy and ICT sectors, based on extensive team experience in different technologies.
  • Demonstration and dissemination of technology and results, in order to increase competitiveness, reduce technological dependence and external resources dependence, protect the environment and acquire a social responsibility.
  • Develop hybrid analytical systems (HW + SW + Human team), integrated in organizations, personalized and targeted to several sectors with a clearly innovative component.