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Electrical engineering

The correct sizing of the electrical infrastructure of an industry is the ideal starting point for improving efficiency and optimizing the operation thereof.

Likewise, existing infrastructures may be deficient, which involves from inefficiencies in their operation and unforeseen incidences, affecting the life cycle of the machines, up to increased energy consumption.

To do this, we provide highly qualified technical assistance related to electrical installations in any industry, with experienced staff and advanced facilities.

Technical and development consultancy

  • High voltage electrical projects.
  • Low voltage electrical projects.
  • SET Projects.
  • Project of execution and legalization of facilities.
  • Design of distribution and processes electrical control panels.
  • Adequacy of low voltage electrical installations, modifications and extensions.

Studies and analysis of electrical networks.

  • Harmonics studies.
  • Reactive energy studies.
  • Evaluation of possible solutions for improvement and attenuation.